How Do Thoughts Influence Our Physical Sensations?

How Do Thoughts Influence Our Physical Sensations?

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You may have noticed that when you think positively, you tend to feel more relaxed and energetic. When you are upset, you are more likely to feel tired and lazy. These sensations are not coincidental. The way we think strongly affects our physical state.

The endocrine system is the powerhouse that regulates our moods. The feelings you associate with being angry, for example, arise from the stress hormones, such as cortisol and norepinephrine, that your brain releases on registering indignation. These hormones release stored energy and increase the amount of blood flowing to your muscles, which in turn elevates your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing while shutting down key metabolic processes, such as digestion and growth. Similarly, endorphins alter your happiness. An endorphin release causes a natural high, commonly known as an endorphin rush or a runner’s high. This high is associated with elevated mood and reduced pain.

In short, making an effort to think positively, even if doing so feels like a strain, is vital to keeping your body healthy.

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