König, Carsten

Carsten König


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Carsten , born 20th of november 1973 in Krefeld, Germany, has studied philosophy, political science and jurisprudence at the universities of Jena and Hagen, Germany. He has achieved the Master of Arts in 2003. The degree dissertation examined the notion of international law in the kantian and hegelian thinking.

Since 2005 he follows a doctoral program at the university of Freiburg, Germany, examining the speculative methode in the hegelian philosophy of nature. His tutor is professor Ms. Regine Kather.

Carsten Knig works as office clerk for the fine art publisher Achenbach + Costa, Dsseldorf, Germany.

He is married with Magali Desse-Knig and has a daughter, Mathilde Esther Knig.