Paparella, Emanuel

Emanuel Paparella


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Emanuel Paparella is the author of Hermeneutics in the Philosophy of G. Vico. He holds a M Phil. and Ph.D. in Italian Humanism from Yale University, has studied Comparative Literature at New York University and has taught at various Universities.

A former Fulbright scholar, Dr. Paparella has directed the Summer Program in Urbino, Italy for the University of Central Florida, and has accomplished two major translations from the Italian: Vitorio Possenti’s Philosophy and Revelation (Ashgate Publishing, London, 2001) and the forthcoming Diego Fabbri’s Jesus on Trial.

Since the year 2000 he has been active in the debate on the European Union while writing, lecturing and teaching Humanities part time at Barry University.

Dr. Paparella lives in Florida with his wife Catherine and his three daughters Cristina, Alessandra, and Francesca.

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