Rolnick, Philip

Philip Rolnick


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Philip Rolnick is Professor of Theology at University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He also serves as Coordinator of St. Thomas’s Exploring Ethics Across the Disciplines program. He has written Analogical Possibilities: How Words Refer to God (Oxford University Press); edited Explorations in Ethics (Greensboro College Press). His most ambitious work to date, Person, Grace, and God, was published by Eerdmans Press in August, 2007. He has published articles on theological language, personhood, the Trinity, and the engagement of science and theology.

He holds membership in Princeton’s Center of Theological Inquiry, The American Academy of Religion, The Society of Christian Ethics, The Michael Polanyi Society, and The American Catholic Philosophical Association.

He and his wife Jane have two children, Rebecca and Wesley. The Rolnick house is also inhabited by a rather large golden retriever/yellow lab who responds to the name "Plato."