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  • Created to Be Creators

    From the Metanexus lecture series “By Nature Creators: Coming to Terms with Human Nature” I. Created to be Creators I introduce my presentation this evening and those that follow in this series by commenting on three facets of this work: what it’s about; the form it takes; its genre or type of literature. What It’s About—the Calling of the Human […]
  • Q&A With Seth Rozin

    An interview with playwright and director Seth Rozin about his play "Missing Link," a deeply human drama centering around a couple, Nathan and Gloria Berman, who lose their only child in a tragic plane crash and are catapulted into conflicting crises of faith.
  • Human Creativity Revisited

    Responding to Michael Ruse's thoughtful response to my essays on "Human Creativity: Accelerating Complexity and Evolutionary Discontinuity" and his more colorful criticism at the recent Haverford Conference on "Genetics, Bioethics, and Religion."
  • Review of William Dembski’s Intelligent Design

    The advent of Michael Behe’s book Darwin‘s Black Box was probably one of the most provocative manuscripts to entice scholars in the philosophy of biology community and those in the science and religion dialogue to revisit intelligent design.  William Dembski provides a kind of sequel to Behe’s controversial but respectable work with his new book Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between […]
  • Creation and Evolution

     Berea College, where I teach a senior seminar entitled “Science and Faith,” is an independent liberal arts college, committed to “the cause of Christ” but non- sectarian and non-creedal. Probably 75% of the student body, who come from the mountain counties of Appalachian America, are conservative or fundamentalist Christians from Baptist, Pentecostal and Holiness traditions. Recently, a small but active […]
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