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Dirt Thirst

I am a printmaker /mixed media artist with an enormous respect for traditional process and a very strong interest in experimental, alternative, and non-toxic printmaking techniques. Working in my studio, I spend a lot of time thinking about how memories of our pasts and hopes for our futures shape who we are in the present. While constantly craving change; wishing for change; and working for change in my life, anxiety and fear accompany my anticipation of change actually occurring. I make work about desire, change, and living in pursuit of wholeness despite fear, anxiety, and obstacles. In these particular pieces, desire and yearning manifest themselves as physical thirsts for dirt and tears: gritty, basic, and pure. Hopeful, I pair each thirst with a talisman. While acknowledging the scariness presented by the possibilities of change and failure, this work channels optimism and focuses on the process of setting goals, developing a strategy, working hard, and making progress.

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