Post, Stephen

Stephen Post


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Stephen Post is Professor in the Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine and Senior Research Scholar in the Becket Institute at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University. Dr. Post is the president of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love, founded in 2001. He received his Ph.D. in ethics from the University of Chicago Divinity School where he was an elected university fellow, a member of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, and a preceptor in the Pritzker School of Medicine. Dr. Post is editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3rd edition (Macmillan Reference, 2004).

He is the author of more than 140 articles in peer-reviewed journals representing the sciences, religion, and humanities. These include Science, The International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, The Hasting Center Report, Annals of Internal Medicine, The Journal of Religion, The American Journal of Psychiatry, The Journal of Value Inquiry, The Journal of American Academy of Religion, The Journal of Religious Ethics, and Lancet, among others. Most recently he is author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People (Broadway Books, 2007).