Remembering Paul Kurtz

Remembering Paul Kurtz

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Herb Silverman for On Faith’s Guest Voices, reflecting on the life and contributions of Paul Kurtz, who died October 20 at the age of 86:

Paul Kurtz was a founder and a leader, more so than anyone else I have ever known. Before there were the new atheists and their best-selling books, there was Paul Kurtz promoting humanism and skepticism through his many publications and institutions.

When I first met Paul Kurtz in the early 1990s at a meeting of the Council for Secular Humanism (CSH), I was enthralled by his presentation in support of living a good and reasoned life without religion. Paul presented thoughtful arguments that described why such a philosophy would benefit humankind. As a skeptic, I pride myself in finding reasons to disagree at least on minor points with any speaker, so I was a little scared that I found none. I had thought that only religious people accepted 100% of what they hear from a leader. As a consequence, I became a strong supporter of Kurtz.

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