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  • The Commons Project

    Office of Spiritual Life, DePauw University Greencastle, Indiana This initiative developed as an outgrowth of a faculty/staff book study group with membership including scientists, theologians, and informed laypersons. The project boasts open membership inviting faculty, staff, students, local public school teachers and professionals, and members of the local community. Project members engage in study, discussion, scholarly research, lectures, and colloquia. […]
  • Shenandoah Anabaptist Science Society (SASS)

    Eastern Mennonite University Harrisonburg, Virginia The focus of this society is to create an open and exploratory space for dialogue between scholars, practitioners, and students on subjects such as artificial intelligence, bioethics, nanotechnology, human consciousness, spirit and body, and origins. Composed of individuals, academic departments, and transdisciplinary organizations of the university, the society identifies and discusses issues at the intersection […]
  • The Science and Religion Colloquium at Carthage

    Carthage College Kenosha, Wisconsin This society brings together a consortium of faith communities and academic institutions in southeastern Wisconsin that are committed to providing a source for educational information and a forum for civil discourse on some of the most critical issues facing society today. The core planning/steering committee is composed of scholars in sciences and the humanities, along with […]
  • Human Nature Project: Religion, Medical Science, and Human Being

    Boston Theological Institute Newtown Centre, Massachusetts The Human Nature Project is dedicated to the discussion of what it means to be human in light of advances in biological and medical science. This focused discussion of bioethics, whole-body healing, and the role of faith and spirituality in human being invites participation from the wide array of medical and research institutions in […]
  • Society for Religion, Science, and Technology Studies at Yale

    Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology Yale University Divinity School New Haven, Connecticut As a Local Societies Initiative grantee, beginning in 2006, the Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology (IRST) will reach beyond the Divinity School to promote exchange with scientific, technological, medical, ecological, theological, ethical professionals and pastoral services as a membership society. Current active members include faculty and […]
  • Life Sciences and Religion Community Forum of Central Virginia

    Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia This society provides a public forum for citizens to dialogue openly, critically and creatively about issues in science and religion. Bringing together individuals with diverse religious and scientific perspectives, the Community Forum promotes cooperative learning, mutual understanding, and the development of informed positions on such things as stem cell research, cloning, assisted reproduction, genetic engineering, […]
  • Baranzano Society

    DeSales University Center Valley, Pennsylvania This Local Society is geographically situated in a region where healthcare is a major industry. The Baranzano Society is composed of university faculty representing the natural sciences, healthcare studies, philosophy, and theology. In addition, the group includes regional healthcare professionals as well as students of biology, chemistry, nursing, and those studying to be physician assistants. […]
  • Creating Opportunities for Dialogue: Issues of Science and Faith

    Southwestern Ontario Chapter University of Western Ontario London, Ontario As a local chapter of the Canadian Scientific Christian Affiliation, this group is a professional association of women and men in science who share a common Christian faith and a commitment to the integrity of science. The organizing committee of this effort is comprised of local scientists, theologians, and clergy bringing […]
  • Forum for Dialogue Between Science and Religion

    University of TorontoToronto, Ontario In conjunction with the Hindu Institute of Learning and the University of Toronto, this group holds a series of public seminars, lectures, and discussions on a variety of topics on science-faith issues, such as globalization, consciousness, purposefulness, forgiveness, bioethics and justice, from an Eastern perspective. Topics are chosen and explored with an emphasis on “illuminating the […]
  • History

    Metanexus is an invented word to designate a new way of thinking and being in the universe. "Metanexus" literally means "transcending connections" and "transformational networks."
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