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  • Center for the Study of Science and Religion (CSSR-FJ)

    Fu Jen Catholic University Hsinchuang, Taipei Founded in 2001, to provide a platform for research and teaching in the context of the culture of Taiwan and China, the Center brings together researchers in theology, religious studies, humanities and social sciences with those in the physical and life sciences. While its roots are in the Christian tradition, the Center encourages a […]
  • Bishop Kurialacherry Society for Science and Religion (BKSSR)

    Bishop Kurialacherry College for Women Kottayam, Kerala Collaborating efforts with three local Seminaries, a Hindu temple, area mosques, a medical college, teacher training schools, high schools, and members of the community-at-large, BKSSR launches an effort to pursue broadly informed excellence in advancing science and faith in their locale. The goal of this effort is to encourage thoughtful and dynamic explorations […]
  • Centre for Science and Religion at Nirmalagiri College

    Malabar Educational Society for Human Resource Development Thalassery, Kerala The core planners of this group consist of clergy and scholars from Nirmalagiri College with specializations in the social sciences and humanities, medicine, Biblical studies, and the physical, natural, and life sciences. Outreach invites participation from students of the college and communities of diverse religious traditions and scientific disciplines from over […]
  • Seville Local Group

    Centro Pedro Arrupe de Sevilla Seville The Seville Local Group provides a “space for dialogue and a meeting point for faith and the modern world, especially open to unbelief and inspired by Ignatian spirituality.” Devoted to including members of the community, the group aims to contribute to human and Christian education based in freedom and respect, justice and solidarity, dialogue […]
  • Science-Religion Dialog and Critical Thinking

    Faculty of Philosophy, Catholic University RuzomberokRuzomberok  This group consists of scholars specializing in natural sciences, bioethics, theology, philosophy, and mass media communications. An internal group of nine scholars from CU and four scholars from neighboring institutions work in conjunction with efforts of the two previously established LSIs in Slovakia, as well as the international Society for Critical Thinking. The object […]
  • Network to Promote Dialogue Between Science and Religion

    St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological College Moscow Designed for long-term impact, this broadly based, multilevel network of educational, outreach, and publicity activities promote the dialogue between science and religion in area educational institutions and the wider community. Core participants promote considerations in areas such as faith, environment, bioethics and technology; cosmology, creation and eschatology; epistemology, empirical knowledge and rational models in […]
  • Biosciences and Religion Network (BNR)

    Instituto Teologico S. Tommaso (ITST) This society consists of members of university faculties; researchers, philosophers, theologians and scientists from the Institute; members of the Association of Genetic Engineering “Modafarri;” a group of teachers in religion; members of the Italian Society of Bioethics and Sexology; and students from the School of Theology. The program encourages the development of a network to […]
  • Studio Filosofica Interprovinciale “San Tommaso d’Aquino”

    Studio Filosofica Interprovinciale “San Tommaso d’Aquino” Napoli The host institution for this society has been in existence since 2001 on the initiative of the Dominican Friars to offer Dominican students a 3-year course to provide organic knowledge of philosophy, theology, and a deepening of familiarity with specific interdisciplinary issues. The LSI at the Studio Filosofica Interprovinciale “San Tommaso d’Aquino” is […]
  • Salesian Group on Missiology and Human Science (SalMiss) SophiaEuropa

    Faculty of TheologyUniversitá Pontificia Salesiana Rome The Salesian Group brings core members together for the following purposes: 1) to promote the constructive engagement of science and religion in the quest for new spiritual insight in the science of missiology; 2) as a catalyst for a dialogue between theological sciences, anthropological approaches, and social psychology – with stress on the issues […]
  • LSI Munich: Transdisciplinary Discussions About Science and Religion

    Evangelische Studentinnen- und Studentengemeinde München Evangelische Akademie Tutzing Munich This group represents a growing network that engages members of campus ministry, scholars, and students in the humanities and natural sciences from area institutions to explore science and faith. The society offers conferences and dialogue experiences for academic and faith communities in the surrounding area. Issues such as neuroscience, evolution, cosmology, […]
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