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Recreating the conditions of

matter-energy in the early Universe

Atlas, LHC, Cern 2010.06.11






Transhumanism and Its Critics — A Lively Debate


The New Sciences of Religion (excerpts) by William Grassie

Indic Visions in an Age of Science, by Varadaraja V. Raman


Intelligent Design and Its Critics — A Lively Debate





Large Scale Structure of the Universe

A web of billions of galaxies





Visual X




M1 Crab Nebula

Remains of supernova sighted in 1054.
Birthing grounds for chemically rich solar systems







The Inner Life of a Cell

Protein Pack Animation








Metanexus is an invented word to designate a new way of thinking. “Metanexus” literally means “transcending connections” and “transformational networks.” The approach is multi-perspectival and scientifically rigorous. Implied is an epistemology, ontology, ethics, and aesthetics that understands process and relationship to be foundational. 

Founded in 1997, the Metanexus Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientifically rigorous and philosophically open-ended explorations of foundational questions. This website is a record of that work and the people involved over many years from all corners of the Earth, faith traditions, academic and scientific disciplines.

Today, our knowledge and knowhow go deep into specializations, as our world becomes ever more fragmented. We believe this fragmentation lies at the root of many of the current threats to our wellbeing in the 21st century.

The mandate is to Think Big. We advocate a global conversation about Big History—the new scientific origin story of our species evolution on this restless planet in a vast universe. It is essential to solving Big Problems and productively debating Big Questions. We invite you to browse our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 





Fire Mastery

is archetypally human.
No other species controls fire.
Fire mastery profoundly changed culture, diet,
geographic range, and local environments.